Gaspe and your tour were the highlight of our Canadian visit

Keven, California

We really enjoyed your company at Gaspé and on the Marco Polo

Chris and Bernard Hail, UK

We both feel that the highlight of the trip for us was the day spent “Down Home” (as my mother and grandmother called it) in Gaspé and Percé under your guidance. Thank you so much for the excellent tour you conducted and the time you took to make sure that it was extra special for us

Ron Haynes, Brampton ON

What to say about this story teller, historian, geologist, wildlife enthusiast who takes his guests on a guided excursion which is a cut above the rest?

Passionate, knowledgeable enthusiastic Doug loves the opportunity to share his treasure trove of coastal information with visitors to the area and this is what makes him stand out in the guiding community. Be it Captain Duval and the pirates who sailed in bygone days, the tiny endangered butterfly that inhabits the Peninsula salt marsh, the fossils that lend truth to the pre Pangea age, or an Irish song… he has the magic that turns a guided tour into a living breathing experience.

Morgan Una - Channel Islands

Being so passionate about his Gaspesie, Douglas is a real fountain of information. He will help us discover hidden treasures of Gaspesian history and culture, and always with a touch of genius and humour.

Pascale Charest, directrice du Créneau Récréotrourisme